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We are an international invest management company which is renowned worldwide. Our excellence relates to in investment ventures in Tech Industry startups with silver bullet technology. We are also experts in capital ventures involving Electronic component companies. Our client ship is worldwide.

We deal in the capital management of electronic companies. Moreover, we are successfully assisting businessmen in international level projects in large scale infrastructure and technology development services. It been more than 10 years we are at your service and our clients are our top priority in any case. You can acquire our services at any stage of your work with full confidence.

Our skilled personnel’s take care of all your matters which involve capital and help in management of funds and provide insurance.


We started as a home company ten years ago but our hard work and services provision to customers boosted our confidence and now we are an international brand at your services worldwide. Our main emphasis is provision of investment and management of capital in tech industry and we have thousands of clients on our part.

We are proud to boast of our deep understanding of the technology and electronic component industry. Our deep understanding of the dynamics ...
Consultancy is one of our core competencies. Keeping close watch on market developments and latest trends places us in a unique slot to accurately ...
Financial Tools
One of the greatest challenges faced by a startup is always planning and handling finances, estimating and establishing costs and management of funds ...
International Project Management
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Silver Bullet Technology
New scanner writes and models are propelled constantly. Creating and keeping up committed interfaces for every single one of them takes a ton ...
Technical Assistance to Start Up in Tech Business
As a startup, the tech business is one of the hardest to break into. The market is flooding with cheerful business visionaries expecting to be the next ...
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Our Project

Rwanda Hospital
Our technically supported project in Rwanda is running very smooth in shape of a hospital....
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Nigeria Medical Centre
Our skilled team project management team is actively engaged in providing....
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Conference Centre in Bulgaria
For our project management venture of conference center at Bulgaria....
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We’ll help you rollover your old retirement plan so you can enjoy our wide variety of investment options and roll your old one-on-one guidance retirement plan.